PacificSport Okanagan delivers Athlete Events that provide educational opportunities to enhance athletes’ success in and out of the competition environment. Innovative, current and interactive seminars, workshops and conferences are presented by professionals in their respective field. Sessions are designed to increase athletes knowledge in the areas of strength and conditioning, sport nutrition, mental training, and performance analysis. For more information on the events delivered please see the following:

Okanagan Athlete Advance

The Athlete Advance is designed for athletes in the Train to Train and Train to Compete stages of the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) pathway (ages 12 & up). Athletes will participate in a variety of field tests to assess power, speed, balance, coordination, muscular endurance, and aerobic fitness. Once they attain their results, they will be able to translate them into their sport specific training. Each year we have a guest speaker attend to share their expertise on a valuable topic.

Next Offering: Spring 2024

Sport Performance Speaker Series 

An event designed for Canadian Sport Institute or PacificSport registered athletes, coaches, and parents of registered athletes.

What you’ll learn from the Sport Performance Speaker Series:

  • Gain the tools, knowledge and skills you need to reach the next level of your sport performance
  • Engage with other athletes, coaches and sport professionals in a multi-sport environment
  • Gain access and know-how from world leading sport performance professionals and athletes who have reached the highest levels of sport

Choose from a variety of topics throughout the year, that are relevant and applicable to athletes and coaches.

Next Offering: TBA

Athlete Field Testing & Coach Workshop

 In this active session, athletes will be put through a general battery of field tests to assess power, speed, balance, coordination, muscular endurance, and aerobic fitness. Coaches will gain a greater understanding of testing protocols, procedures and proper use of testing equipment and be able to access the PacificSport field testing kit for future field-testing needs. Please note the minimum age to participate is 12 years. 

Next Event: Sunday, September 24th 2023