• CS4L Sport group education Workshop/Presentation- LSO meetings/ municipalities

What is the Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) Model? How does this sport model affect me as a parent, coach, teacher or movement skill instructor? Explore how this model can provide structure and direction to your programming for the overall development of children’s physical literacy. Suitable for coaches working with children aged 6 & up.

Fees: starting at $75


  • PL 101– Entry -level Workshop – Introduction to Physical Literacy-  1.5 hours

What is Physical Literacy and why is it important?  How to incorporate PL into your sport  programs for children. This workshop is designed to show FUN practical examples and understanding of the ways to incorporate purposeful practice of fundamental movement skills (FMS) into your coaching practise plans.

Fees: starting at $200


  • PL 201– for groups that have attended PL 101 – Looking for more games/activity ideas (Games Workshop) 1.5 hours

This workshop will provide an in-depth look at activities and games that develop FMS; to add to your current repertoire. Learn to be creative and design FUN games and activities that have multiple progressions and adaptations for many audiences. Resources provided. Let’s fill that toolbox!

Fees: starting at $200


  • NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) Certification –

This 8 hour NCCP certification course is designed for anyone who works with children or youth to gain a better understanding and appreciation of how the fundamental movement skills of throwing, catching, jumping, striking, kicking, agility, balance and coordination are developed in children. Participants learn how to incorporate the skills into their activity plans to further enhance the physical literacy development of the children in their care.

This is a National Coaching Certification course through the CAC (Coaching Association of Canada). Minimum number required to host a course:  9

Fee: $55 per person.

For more information check www.coach.ca or contact PacificSport Okanagan Sport Development Coordinator at 250-469-8864


  • Physical Literacy Assessment for Youth (PLAY) Tools:

Understanding childrens’ development of fundamental movement skills through the use of an observation tool that provides baseline data and tracks improvement over time.  PLAY Tool is designed for children ages & and up.

Provides assistance to coaches, parents and teachers in developing student competence, confidence and motivation to enhance their fundamental movement skills. The rating system is in alignment with the BC Ministry of Education assessment and evaluation criteria.

Awareness Information (promotion) and/or Training on use of PLAY Tools is necessary to administer PLAY Basic & PLAY Fun (Assessor must have skill set to use Tool: HKIN background or PE Specialists)  PLAY Self, Parent or Coach are not assessments, they are forms. See www.physicalliteracy.ca for more information on PLAY

Fees: starting at $200 per training session


For more information contact PacificSport Okanagan Sport Development Coordinator at 250-469-8864