Although significant efforts have been undertaken to advance gender equity in Canadian sport, women and girls remain underrepresented in all areas of sport.

  • Only 2% of girls ages 12-17 receive the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity daily
  • Only 19% of Canadian women participate in sport, compared to 35% of Canadian men
  • Women occupy only 17% of head coach positions in Canadian Interuniversity Sport

PacificSport Okanagan works with local, regional, and national partners to improve gender equity in sport by raising awareness about existing inequities, removing barriers to participation, and sharing resources to help advance positive change.


Becoming a Gender Equity Champion


Take the Gender Equity Self Assessment test provided by Canadian Women and Sport.

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Watch the Play Fair documentary to learn about the history of gender equity in sport.

Get inspired by the work of these gender equity advocacy campaigns:

Learn what the Canadian government is doing to improve gender equity in sport.

Learn what the International Olympic Committee is doing to improve gender equity in sport.

Share your thoughts with the Canadian Secretariat on Gender Equity in Sport.

Promoting Gender Equity in the Okanagan

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