Parasport in the Media


On August 26, Netflix will release the documentary Rising Phoenix, in which elite Parasport athletes and insiders discuss the history of the Paralympic games. The film’s powerful title track is now available for download from all major digital service providers, including Apple Music and Spotify.

We went through a swathe of recordings and found three different artists we thought would help make an amazing record. Nothing however prepared us for what came in: the richly emotional content of Toni’s lyrics; the poetry of George’s incredibly powerful stories; Keith’s killer rapping style where his cerebral palsy creates an unbelievably unique flow that is unlike anything I’ve ever heard before – suddenly we had, from nowhere, a song that was personal and powerful, where you could feel the anger and the inspiration at the same time. I feel we’ve made something so much bigger than all of us combined and the whole world needs to hear it.”

-Daniel Pemberton, producer and writer of Rising Phoenix

Parasport in COVID-19


For information about how to plan a safe return to sport for Disability Sport Organizations and Parasport, please click the link below:

viaSport DSO Return to Sport Q&A

KISU Swim Club

Para swimmers at KISU are competitive swimmers of any age who have a disibilty as outlined by the Canadian Paraswimming Association.  They train with able-bodied swimmers with the goal of improving technique and endurance.  These swimmers will compete at regional swim meets, as well as other provincial, national, and international meets for which they qualify.

Para swimmers have 6 practices per week; four 2-hour practices and two 1.5 hour practices.

Parasport Network

PacificSport Okanagan is the regional sport centre dedicated to supporting parasport development for athletes with a disability.  The Okanagan Parasport Network contains sport organizations, athlete and coach supports, and community resources.

See a list of organizations and resources: