• Executive Director

Shaunna brings 20+ years of experience working as a coach, researcher, educator, and athlete health services provider in Canada’s amateur sport system, including 5 years at the Coaching Association of Canada as a coaching consultant. Shaunna has a PhD and MA in (Human Kinetics) Health Sciences and is a Certified Counsellor and the Chair of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA). She is also an advocate and practitioner with the Canadian Centre for Mental Health in Sport.

Shaunna is excited to contribute to athlete and coach development in her home town (Kelowna) and surrounding regions. She returned to Kelowna after two decades living in Ontario, where she had been consulting with coaches and athletes from grassroots to the national level, including support to Team Canada for 6 Major Games (Olympic and Paralympic) cycles.

From an early age, Shaunna was drawn to sports like gymnastics, track & field, field hockey, basketball and soccer. Her parents supported her wide variety of sports, following the “Sport for Life” model, culminating in international competition & seeing the world as an athlete. She has dedicated her life to building a healthy sport system in Canada, working with Canadian athletes and international colleagues in Olympic/Paralympic Games since 1998. She sits on the viaSport BC Safe Sport Task Force, and the Girls and Women Advisory Board.